feasibility study power to gas

research project on heat supply for an urban development area with locally produced gas from renewable electricity

Client incl. respondent:     Bernd Vogel Head of MA 20 - Municipal Energy Planning Department, Wien Energie,
                                               Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG, OMV
Task:                                     Research project on a local eco-city gas network with a high proportion of
                                               Hydrogen from regenerative electricity
Processing period:             2014 - 2015
                                               together with MZT and Biovest
The starting point of the feasibility study power to gas is the thesis that it is already economically feasible and ecologically sensible to heat a district with a locally generated gas from renewable electricity. This study considers - going beyond the classic Power to Gas, the feeding of H2 into the gas network for electricity storage - the sustainable heat supply of a concrete urban expansion area for 20,000 inhabitants and 20,000 jobs using the example of the Seestadt Aspern. In addition to technical feasibility, another focus lies on the economical evalutation meeting the requirements of project developers: The feasibility of a local network for a locally produced, green gas with 60 % by volume hydrogen from renewable electricity - a new green city gas.

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