Waldmühle Rodaun

urban mining at the forest mill

Client:                          Consortium of developers

Task:                            urban mining

Processing period:     2011 - 2013


A residential complex with 450 apartments in the woods of Vienna is replacing the former Perlmooser-Lafarge cement plant, the Rodaun forest mill. urban mining begins for us with the development of contract bases for the commissioning of demolition work estimated at 200,000 tons. These contractual agreements for the recycling-oriented dismantling according to ÖN B 2251 and environmentally-oriented dismantling and construction site management ensured the complete processing on site. Over a period of one and a half years, we as ÖBA accompanied the installation of the demolition material permitted for constructional recycling under waste law in accordance with a pouring plan drawn up specifically on the basis of the planning of the outdoor facilities and architecture.


Our mass scaffolding of the contract basis for demolition work in the Rodaun forest mill provided for the processing of approx. 84,000 m3 of demolition material. In the period from April to December 2013, a total of 144,630 t or 80,200 m3 of demolition material actually passed through the processing plant on site. In the same period, 82% of the processed material were used structurally for terrain modelling and replenishment according to plan. 18 % were stockpiled according to plan for later use on the building site. A further 10,100 m3 of recyclable excavated material from the earthworks carried out concurrently to the demolition work could be installed on the fill as a lower vegetation layer, followed by a further 10,000 m3 in the subsequent construction project. In total, 100,000 m3 were recycled on site. For the 450 apartments of the plant, this is approx. 225 m3 or 400 t per apartment. The tonnage of recycling in the forest mill amounts to between 10-15% of the total RC material volume in the Vienna area.


The project was part of a television documentary "Urban Mining, Die Stadt als Ewige Rohstoffquelle", which was broadcast on 3sat on 29.10.2012 before the start of the deconstruction work.


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