Eco-friendly construction concept at Sonnwendviertel, Vienna

environmentally-friendly construction concept for the construction of 2,000 apartments

Client:                           Consortium of developers
Task:                             Concept development and construction supervision for a sustainable mass
                                       compensation according to UVEEIA (Environmental impact accessment)
Processing period:      2011 - 2015


Environmentally friendly construction work can be cost-neutral, even under the difficult conditions of a brownfield such as the former Vienna Südbahnhof. And the environmental benefits are considerable:
The Sonnwendviertel at Vienna's main railway station is being built around the new Helmut Zilk Park. A total of 5,000 apartments are to be built here, of which 2,000 apartments have been built under our supervision with a sustainability concept.


Sonnwendviertel 1:
Our construction concept for 1,200 apartments is implementing a mass balance between the park and the residential construction. The challenge is to coordinate and monitor the compliance with required quality regulations in order to weigh three different earth fractions from 7 construction sites and store them while the railway is still operating.


Sonnwendviertel 2:
By excavating earth in advance and joint logistics, it was possible to continue the mass balancing for the level construction of the park and road substructure. It is even possible to prepare concrete aggregates for sub layers at the in-situ concrete plant. The location of the highly mobile plant has already been changed three times, depending on completion.
The third construction phase is in preparation.

Our performance profile is as follows:
Concept development, tendering and support for a sustainable construction process
mass balance and logistics
in-situ concrete plant
Environmental and neighbourhood management
Cost/benefit balance of the measures

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