Reininghausgründe, Graz

circular construction consulting for the sustainable development of the quarters of the former brewery


Client:                           Österreichisches Siedlungswerk (ÖSW) Q5 and Bewo Q4a
Task:                             Closed-loop construction consulting
Processing period:     2018 - ongoing
On the grounds of the former Reininghaus brewery in Graz, living space for 10,000 people will be created on an area of around 100 hectares.
Based on the recycling oriented dismantling of the brewery with its huge, two-storey ice cellars, we develop a concept of added value for the following construction management of our clients.  Our tasks are dismantling and earthworks with maximum added value for building construction.
The sustainable construction concept comprises the organisation of the mass flows that occur, which are predominantly dealt with on site. The extraordinary depth of the ice cellars on the site of more than 10 metres and the discovery of underground installations require detailed quality assurance as well as flexibility in methodology and logistics.
The construction site facilities are supplied by the adjacent plot owned by the developer. Therefore the volume of transportation traffic during the construction phase is drastically reduced.

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