Rathausstraße 1

Social urban mining within the inner-city area of Vienna

Client:                         BUWOG group
Task:                           Reuse-oriented deconstruction
Processing period:   2017 - 2018
The former office building, completed in 1980 by Viennese architect Harry Glück, was characterised by its broad use of the building site. The mainly unexposed inner area in the core of the former computing centre amounted to 50% of the gross floor area. This makes subsequent use or adaptation considerably more difficult, as we had already established in a potential analysis a few years ago. Therefore, the demolition of the official building was decided in 2017.
Our task was to plan the reuse-oriented dismantling, with reuse and recycling as a social urban mining project by BauKarussell before the total demolition of the building. Reusable materials were removed according to type and the mechanical demolition was promoted with small devices in order to ensure better separation and recycling of the building waste. This approach, which is sustainable on several levels, also solved purely logistical challenges.

As a result, the BauKarussell initiative met with great media interest and in 2018 received, among others, the City of Vienna's Environmental Award.

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